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    There is a mailing list to announce updates to the Pressibus sites about Internet Perso and Freeware. It is sent out as new things crop up, every 3, 6 or 9 months... You can be added (for free) to this list by sending me an email.

  • 12/05/98: the page about search software is now a double page, one about shareware (nothing new), and one about freeware (8 chapters, including 5 new ones!)
  • 23/03/98: the France-Telecom search engine Les pages News on the French Usenet newsgroups
  • 14/03/98: separation of the pages about newsgroups and Niouzenet to create a Niouzenet site
  • 16/02/98: new page History of the Pressibus site
  • 05/02/98: in "research in software", MediaBuilder, site about "Multimédia", with its software library and its image library
  • 19/01/98: in "research in software", a large inventory of freeware, Freeware 32
  • 14/01/98: in "research in software", two new sites listing only freeware, The Freeware Publishing and Pressibus
  • 05/01/98: a page to choose HTML colours

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