Download of english Pressibus sites (ici en français)

The most of the Pressibus sites are ready to be downloaded, wholly orf partially.

They are compacted in the zip format (to install, you need a tool as PKZip, Winzip ou Zip Magic to extend under windows ; for other platforms, there exist other tools).

Of course, these archivs have old dates and, and often are not updated with the content of the site. The last main updates are written on the introduction page of each site.

The following table shows the english pages to download. Click in the second column item to download. When installed, the file to call for seing the site is noticed in the last column.

Don't forget that some comics are not below, because they are not in english. However, there is an english introductive page, and many pictures. Here is the page to download these sites.

Original site Site or extract to download Date Size File to call
Comics Click on this column to download      
Marten Toonder Marten Toonder 15/02/1998 169 Kb bd/toonder/index.html
Jeux, logiciels, divers Click on this column to download      
Ataxx games Ataxx games 31/01/2003 3767 Kb ataxx/index.html
Reversi/Othello Reversi games 18/08/1998 2497 Kb reversi/indexgb.html
Panoplie de gratuiciels Outfit of freeware 06/05/2001 845 Kb  windows/index.html
Internet Perso (extrait) Search engines 28/02/1999 406 Kb perso/gbimoteurs.html
Internet Perso (extrait) Marks to do a Web site 28/02/1999 54 Kb perso/gbihtml.html

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