Search-engines for the Usenet News Groups

Since 1995 all Usenet messages have been indexed. It is a fantastic source of information for some searches (for instance, it was very useful when I searched the origins of the Ataxx game).
And all the News Groups users need to bear in mind that everything they say is carefully memorised...

  1. Alta Vista Altavista
    Alta Vista, the most famous search engine, also allows a search of the Usenet News Groups.

    in return results as

  2. DejaNews DejaNews
    Search what the company claims is the world's largest public facility for searching the Usenet news archive with DejaNews. Versatile search options allow you to find articles by date, author, subject, and newsgroup. Usenet is a powerful Internet resource; DejaNews helps put it to work for you.
    I have put the parameter "Database" on "Old", so that the search is more wide-ranging. Don't forget to also try "Current".

    Database :  Current Old

  3. HotBot HotBot
    The search parameters may be of interest, and you can also do a search on the Web + Usenet.

  4. Voilà News    Voilà News
    This is the most recent search-engine for the French newsgroups of Usenet.
    Key words

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