Les BD de Femmes d'Aujourd'hui

© Trubert
French children in the fifties and sixties were spoiled for choice as far as comics were concerned. Not only were there the comics that appeared in the many specialist magazines for children themselves, but they also got to see those that appeared in Daddy's daily newspaper or in Mummy's weekly magazine.

In this chapter, we look at the comic-strips that appeared in the Belgian magazine called "Femmes d'Aujourd'hui" (= "Women of Today"). In 1961, this magazine sold 1,122,000 copies in France, and about 200,000 in Belgium.

There were only three pages of comics, but they were read by the whole family - children, parents, even grandparents!
These pages are taken from a 20-page (with many more illustrations than appear here!), published in Les Cahiers Pressibus #6 (cf. our sub-section about studies in comics).

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